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Duke Fang, known in Japan as Kibakō (キバ公?), was a dog who was owned by Master, Koyomi's foster father.


Duke Fang was a a light coloured Akita. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar shows him as being tan coloured.[1] In Gunnm: Martian Memory he is brown.


Duke Fang was extremely devoted to baby Koyomi, leaping into the sewers after Makaku without hesitation when he kidnapped her.


BAA05 55 Graves

Koyomi laying flowers at Sara and Duke Fang's graves in Battle 25.

After Makaku kidnapped Koyomi and escaped into the sewers, Duke Fang was the first to follow in pursuit. He proved instrumental in Alita's fight against Makaku by pulling out the forearm of Alita's first cyborg body which had been lodged in Makaku's left eye, reopening the wound and distracting Makaku. This gave Alita time to hand off Koyomi to Duke Fang, enabling her to fight Makaku without having to worry about Koyomi. He returned Koyomi to the surface and safety. He died a few years later, but Koyomi's memories of him were so vivid that as an infant she called every dog she came across as "Doo Fan", and maintained his grave in the courtyard of Bar New Kansas, next to which Sara was later buried.[2]

Other appearances[]

Duke Fang appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory.

In the OVA, an unnamed stray dog that appears similar to Duke Fang is befriended by Gally before she registers as a hunter-warrior. It follows her back to Daisuke Ido's and later to Kansas. When Grewcica appears, he displays the power of his cutters by slicing the dog into pieces. Gally then takes the dog's blood and draws it under her eyes to serve as eye black, signifying that she will fight Grewcica.


In Viz Media's translation he was named Pooh when he first appeared.


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