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Dust Chamber
BAALO16 69 Tiphares & Scrapyard
Tiphares and the Scrapyard in Phase 96
Japanese name ダストチエンバー
Romanized name Dasutochienba
English name Dust Chamber
Part of Tiphares
Type Garbage disposal area
Debut Battle 1

The Dust Chamber is the lowest level of Tiphares, comprising part of its structural section. From here garbage, including citizens convicted of genetically predisposed crimes,[1] is ejected out of the city and onto Mount Tiphares below.


From the outside, the Dust Chamber is the portion of Tiphares that is physically closest to the Scrapyard. Its interior consists of a massive waste collection area that is fed by large disposal tubes. At the bottom is a chute that periodically opens, dumping the waste onto Mount Tiphares. Loudspeakers are placed inside the Dust Chamber, informing citizens who are to be cast out of their fate.


Tiphares was formerly connected to Star City, the predecessor of the Scrapyard, at least up to 200 years before the events of Last Order.[2][3] Over time, the connecting tower between the two was damaged and eventually severed.

BAA09 182 Dust Chamber

The Dust Chamber in Final Fight.

In ES 570[3], Daisuke Ido was cast out, surviving his fall and eventually becoming a cyberphysician in the Scrapyard. Twenty years later, Lou Collins was about to be cast out after saving Alita from AR-2, but Alita was able to save her in time. After the two along with Desty Nova directly confronted Melchizedek and exposed its true nature, it committed suicide by dropping its core through the Dust Chamber. Alita transformed herself into the Life-Tree to save both Tiphares and the Scrapyard, resulting in tree roots extending below the Dust Chamber. The Tower of Tiphares was eventually connected to the Dust Chamber five years later.

Last Order changes the ending of Battle Angel Alita, and the Tower of Tiphares is still in the planning stages.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Lou is cast out from the lowest area of Zalem, although this area is not explicitly a garbage disposal area.


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