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Dyson Ido is the adoptive father of Alita.

Early Life[]

Dyson Ido was born in the floating city of Zalem. He and his wife Chiren became voluntary exiles to the surface in Iron City when they refused to have their daughter's genetically flawed embryo terminated, as Zalem does not tolerate cybernetics or genetic disorders among its population. When men acting under Desty Nova's orders came to their home to inform them of their removal, Ido demanded that Desty himself appear to tell it to their faces. Chiren convinced Ido that this would only devastate and traumatize their daughter more. In the end, Desty never came. Since heavier-than-air flight was forbidden, Desty allowed Ido, Chiren, and their daughter to create a life pod that would drop them into the surface below. Upon emerging from their not-so-soft landing, they realized they were in the scrapyard, the final humiliation of their forced exit. As their daughter, Alita Ido, grew older, she developed a nervous system degenerative disorder as the result of her genetics, by age 12, Alita was unable to walk and required a wheelchair. At 13 years old, Alita was murdered by a painkiller-addicted Motorballer named Paladin, who was breaking into Ido's clinic to salvage narcotics.

In the five-year period following the death of Alita Ido, Dyson and Chiren divorced. Ido, feeling a failure to protect his daughter and struggling to obtain funding for the clinic, resorted to life as a hunter-warrior to help pay for the expenses, while surgically removing the mark of Zalem to dissociate himself from his past life. Chiren started to work for Vector on the promise that by producing powerful Motorball players via cyber enhancements, she could earn the money needed to return to her home and continue a new life of her own.

Discovery of Alita[]

Dyson Ido Movie

Ido discovered the remains of Alita five years after his daughter's death, as he scavenged for cybernetic components for his clinic. In solemn awe, he discovered that the severed head and torso in the junk pile was still alive. Eagerly, he reassembled the torso with a prosthesis he designed for his deceased daughter, and left her in his daughter's bedroom for the night.


Dyson Ido is presented as a caring father and cyberphysician in Iron City. Initially, he is very protective of Alita as his new adopted daughter, in part driven by guilt over his daughter's death. Similar to his manga counterpart, Ido has violent tendencies, which he channeled in the form of acting as a Tuner for the violent sport of Motorball, as well as later becoming a Hunter Warrior following his daughter's death, and feeling little need to suppress his desire for violence living on his own. However, when with family, he is often embarrassed over his violent activities and seeks to hide them, such as when Alita asks him why he is going out at night and asks him about the injuries from his Hunter Warrior activities. While Ido ultimately accepted that his daughter and Alita are separate individuals, the fatherly love and relationship with Alita remain, as shown by Alita's last words in the film, "Thank you Father."

Differences from the manga[]

Unlike the manga counterpart Dr. Dyson Ido is considerably older and more feeble, he also has the first name of Dyson rather than Daisuke. The first name Dyson may possibly be a reference to the character of Miles Dyson from another James Cameron film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, who as a character was also proficient in cybernetics. Also unlike his manga counterpart, Dyson Ido had a previous marriage and a child formed by the DNA Organ, Alita Ido who was murdered five years prior to the events of the film.