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Earthlight and Moonlight
BAALO06 44 Earthlight & Moonlight
Caerula unsheaths Earthlight and Moonlight in Phase 33.
Type Jian
Users Caerula Sanguis
Debut Phase 33

Earthlight (地球光 Chikyū Hikari?) and Moonlight (月光 Gekkō?) are a pair of jian wielded by Caerula Sanguis. They are described as the "Twin Azure Blades", a further reference to the colour blue that is associated with Caerula.[1] She keeps them in a scabbard that she wears underneath her coat.


Both jian are thin enough to be carried in the same scabbard. One has a ring at the end of the hilt while the other's terminates to a point. Despite their thinness, both are very flexible and have more applications than Western or Japanese swords.[1]


Caerula Sanguis previously wielded a single jian, gaining proficiency in wielding dual jian at least 200 years before the events of Last Order, when she fought with a pair to capture Yoko after she had carried out Operation Maulwurf in ES 386.[2] However it is not specified if this pair was Earthlight and Moonlight.


BAALO17 194 Mbadi's death

Mbadi's death in Phase 105.

During Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 591, Earthlight and Moonlight were matched against Alita's elbow blades. During the climax of the fight, Caerula deliberately missed what would have been a killing blow to Alita and allowed herself to be impaled because her jian told her that Alita had "a destiny beyond knowing".[3] She gave Alita the Fata Morgana in the form of her right earring before ending the match herself with her apparent death. Due to her acquired regenerative ability as a Type-V mutant however, Caerula survived her devastating injuries and subsequently disappeared from the ZOTT Participant Morgue.

After Aga Mbadi's attempt to sabotage the Space Angel's victory was revealed and his three brain bio-chips were removed from his brain by Tunpò, he tried to flee, making it to an abandoned corridor on the Onion Frame. Here he was ambushed by Caerula, who attacked him so fast with her jian that she simultaneously cut his head into several pieces and carved the word "Die" into the window behind him. Mbadi had only a moment to recognise her before his head split into pieces and he was sucked out through the broken window into the vacuum of space. Caerula then sheathed her jian and stated that his debt had been paid.


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