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Elbogen Blatt
BAALO06 149 Suit
Alita wearing a künstler space suit with the blades mounted in Phase 36.
Martial art Panzer Kunst
Type Blade
Creator Mauser School
Users Alita
Debut Battle 13

Elbogen Blatt (German for elbow blade), originally Elbogen Blade (エルボーゲン・ブレート Erubōgen Burēto?), is a Mauser School weapons technique involving single-edged blades affixed to the forearms of a space suit. It was practiced by Gelda and Alita during the Terraforming Wars and Caerula Sanguis is familiar with it, identifying the technique when she fought the latter centuries later in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.[1]

Alita rediscovered the technique during her motorball career when her motorball body was outfitted with the Damascus Blade, which was initially a pair of blades which were later reforged into one. After being reborn in the Imaginos Body, which includes the Damascus Blade as a component, Alita can generate blades from her forearms as needed.


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