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Eliza (エリザ Eriza?) was the daughter of Zapolska, making him the only Type-V mutant known to have had children prior to becoming infected.


Eliza died some time before ES 65, "ages ago" according to Jacco.[1] After Vilma’s prolonged disappearance in ES 69, Zapolska started to believe that Eliza was still alive due to a tumor metastasizing in his brain, suggesting that he was the one of the younger surviving members of the Cognate.[2] This led him to eagerly pick up some toys that he found while he and Jacco were foraging for supplies in the former Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,[3] remarking that Eliza would be happy. Despite Jacco reminding him that she was dead, Zapolska was insistent that she was still alive. His last words after succumbing to some poisoned food that he ate in the Farrell Shelter were to call for Eliza.


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