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BAA09 176 Endjoy
The Endjoy in Final Fight.
Type Public assisted suicide booth
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau
Users Tiphareans
Debut Final Fight

The Endjoy was a public assisted suicide booth located in the Dome Park of Tiphares.


The Endjoy was an oval structure with a short flight of steps leading into a darkly tinted door. When entered it played soothing music and a message stating "Welcome to Endjoy, now just relax and step into the inner hatch". After Alita destroyed it, she pulled out a giant grinder from down below the structure.


Battle Angel Alita[]

BAA09 181 Destruction of Endjoy

Alita destroys the Endjoy in Final Fight.

According to Russell it is every Tipharean's right to end their own life if they wish. Using the Endjoy was considered a privilege and the invention of a superior race. It was likely constructed by the Medical Inspection Bureau (M.I.B.). After Alita was resurrected on Tiphares by Desty Nova she visited the Dome Park with Russell. She noticed people entering the Endjoy but not coming out. After learning what it was, she entered the Endjoy to investigate and tore it to shreds, ripping out the grinder and exposing a current of water that she used to wash herself of the dead Tiphareans' blood. Russell was shocked at Alita's actions, but was forced to reveal what had happened to Lou Collins when pressed. Despite Alita's actions, she was not targeted by the M.I.B.

Last Order[]

The Endjoy does not appear in Last Order and the circumstances of Alita's visit to the Dome Park were changed with the addition of the Tipharean civil war.

Other appearances[]

The Endjoy can be seen in Gunnm: Martian Memory when Gally is taken to Zalem by Desty Nova. Tiphareans are seen going into it, but Gally cannot otherwise interact with it.