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BAALO11 103 Europa
Europa in Phase 66.
Affiliations Jupiter System Union
Part of Galilean moons
Type Moon
Debut Final Fight (mentioned)
Phase 66

Europa (エウロパ Europa?) is the sixth moon of Jupiter and the smallest of its four Galilean moons. It functions as a kolkhoz for the Jupiter System Union, with ice farms worked by humanoid versions of the Jovian cyborgs.[1]


Colonization of the Galilean moons was mentioned at the end of Battle Angel Alita when Alita and Desty Nova confronted Melchizedek, but their history was expanded on in Last Order.[2] Europa is one of three of the original 16 Jovian moons that was not consumed to provide materials for the Toposphere Project, the other two being Callisto and Ganymede.[3]


Prior to the Block-A Semifinals match of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, the Jovians broadcast an announcement throughout their system telling their citizens to watch the match, during which Europa was shown. During the Finals, Muraviyov, who had taken command of Operation Glass Cat, was transferred to Europa against his will by his successor, Bukhanov C-182, who shifted the responsibility for Warmen 609's loss in the Semifinals and the loss of the Orbital Dynamo onto him.[4] After Alita's consciousness manifested to the control ship after she was apparently destroyed by Toji, she realised what had happened and she began to attack the Jovians by using her quantum model to generate nanomachine blades. Bukhanov quickly relieved himself of command and transferred it to Potemkin, claiming that his transfer to Europa had gone through. However he was prevented from escaping by Alita.[5]


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