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2011 Evening No. 8 cover
Last Order resumed publication in Vol. 2, No. 8 of Evening in March 2011 after being on hiatus since July 2010.
Frequency Bi-weekly
Circulation 166,000 (2008)
Category Seinen manga
Company Kodansha
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Evening (イブニング Ibuningu?) is a bi-weekly Japanese seinen magazine published by Kodansha. Printed in black and white on newsprint and saddle-stapled in B5 format, it retails for 340 yen. It began serialization of Last Order in March 2011.

Publication of Last Order[]

Last Order was put on hiatus by Yukito Kishiro beginning in July 2010 following a dispute between him and an editor at Ultra Jump over a revision of dialog for the Gunnm: New Edition. After meeting with the editors of Ultra Jump and Evening in August, he ultimately decided to switch publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha. This ended the 20 year relationship between Kishiro and Shueisha.

Last Order was announced to Evening's lineup in February 2011[1] and resumed publication in Evening the following month. To help its readers get an idea of the backstory of Last Order, the magazine released a six page primer introducing the characters of Gunnm and Last Order on its website on March 11, 2011.[2]


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