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Expendable Toys
BAALO04 19 Expendable Toys
Expendable Toys in Phase 19.
Part of Leviathan 1
Type Main juvenile infantry school office
Debut Phase 19

Expendable Toys (エクスペンダブル・トイズ Ekusupendaburu Toizu?) is the main juvenile infantry school office on Leviathan 1. Here interested parties can buy children or the units that they are part of from the schools that own them.


After Alita dropped off Giraud with the Adminipolice he was returned to his owner, Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school. When Queen Limeira and Zazie discovered this the former came up with a plan. She went to Expendable Toys in an attempt to save Giraud by purchasing his entire unit, Platoon EXT-04. However they had been deployed in the Combat Chamber and could not be recalled as they did not carry a communications device. At the same time, Alita, Zazie and Sechs went into the Combat Chamber in an attempt to head the platoon off. They were too late though, as it had been wiped out in battle over a flag.


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