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Factory Army
BAA08 107 Factory Army
Factory Army mecha in Battle 45
English name Factory Army
Origin Scrapyard
Affiliations Factory
Type Army
Debut Battle 27

The Factory Army was the defensive force responsible for protecting the Factory and Scrapyard from internal and external threats. It also guarded the Station Gates which controlled access to the Scrapyard.[1]


The army included the netmen and mecha piloted by deckmen. These mecha, which were numbered units with the words "Factory Defense" on their sides, took on a variety of forms. Most typically seen was a bipedal mecha which mounted a large cannon in the form of an oversized Semi-automatic pistol and also held a missile launcher. Variations of this mecha mounting what appeared to be two cannons as well as a wider and heavier version also exist.

Civilian mercenaries were also employed, including rail mercenaries armed with rent-a-guns and others armed with portable missile launchers.

While the system was largely automatic, the Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB), which was linked to the mecha units, could also exercise command.


BAA05 142 Factory Army

The Factory Army responds to Zapan in Battle 27.

Army units, especially the mecha, appeared to be mobilized quickly whenever significant threats appeared. They did not respond when Zapan attacked several netmen and fired on Factory 99, although this could have been because his target, Bar New Kansas, was in a different part of the Scrapyard. After he destroyed Daisuke Ido's clinic, a mecha and nine netmen equipped with missile launchers appeared and fired on him. However the shells and missiles had no effect, as Zapan used the electromagnetic field generated by the Berserker Body as a shield and easily destroyed the attackers with plasma. The army halted its attacks on Zapan the following day, allowing Alita to fight Zapan one on one.

BAA09 127 Factory Army

Factory mecha firing on Den in Battle 50.

Years later Den spearheaded a Barjack attack against the outlying defensive forces, which involved fighting against the mecha. After the destruction of the Heng, Den disbanded the Barjack as a conventional army and had his commanders switch to guerilla warfare. He then charged the Scrapyard alone, smashing through the army units defending the Factory 11 Station Gate. Once he was through he only faced mercenaries at first as the fall of the GIB had frozen the heavier units. However once these came back online they attacked in full, blowing off one of his arms and eventually the rear portion of his centaur body.

When Desty Nova publicly revealed the existence of the brain bio-chips to the Tiphareans a year later, this disrupted the Factory's functions and would have affected the army as well. Following the Tipharean civil war, the residents of the Scrapyard took control of the functions that had previously been shouldered by the Factory.


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