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Factory Farm 22
BAA08 03 Barjack territory
A map in Battle 42 depicting the extent of Barjack territorial control in the Western Region shows that Factory Farm 22 was captured following Alita's fight with Kaos after he was controlled by Den.
Affiliations Barjack
Factory (former)
Part of Factory Farm system
Type Factory Farm
Debut Battle 31 (mentioned)

Factory Farm 22 (ファクトリ・フアーム 22 Fuakutori Fuamu 22?), later renamed Farm 22 (フアーム 22 Fuamu 22?), is one of the 29 Factory Farms. Located in the Western Region, it is the closest Factory Farm to the Boiling Metal Battalion's base, a city at the foot of the Western Mountains. Yolg's family lived at Factory Farm 22.


Yolg, whose wife and young child lived at Farm 22, was serving as a rail mercenary on Factory Train 12, which was headed there from the Scrapyard in ES 590.[1] After he reencountered his childhood friend Bozzle, the Boiling Metal Battalion's commander, he learned that Factory Farm 22 would be their next target and tried to persuade him not to attack the farm. Bozzle had Yolg turned into a socket soldier but the move backfired when Yolg rebelled against him. Although the Boiling Metal was crippled by Knucklehead's sabotage and Bozzle was killed by Alita, as revealed by a map the farm was later captured by the Barjack, at which point it would be known as "Farm 22".

Other appearances[]

Factory Farm 22 is a location in Gunnm: Martian Memory. It is centered on a lake and the entrance to the farm is similar to that of an American ranch. After Fogir Fore rescues Gally from the Boiling Metal, they part ways here. Gally reestablishes contact with the Ground Investigation Bureau through a secret communications terminal at the frm, meeting Lou Collins. She is afterwards attacked by three of Desty Nova's cyborg ninjas. Following this fight, Support System Gabriel delivers the mobile unit to her.


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