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Factory Farm Bier
GUNNM AS 038 Factory Farm Bier
A bottle of Factory Farm Bier in The Holy Night.
Type Beer
Creator Factory Farms
Users Daisuke Ido
Debut The Holy Night

Factory Farm Bier (bier is German for beer) is a beer brand that as its name suggests, is produced by the Factory Farms and imported into the Scrapyard. It has only appeared in the side stories


The Holy Night[]

In the Spring of ES 572[1], Daisuke Ido had served as an apprentice under the veteran cyberphysician Gauss for six months. Despite his best efforts, Gauss revealed to him that he lacked the compassion to operate on cyborgs, without which he could never become a successful cyberphysician himself. That night Ido retreated to a bar and was drowning his sorrows with a bottle of Factory Farm Bier when Dedekind, took the bottle away from him and had a talk with him.

Supersonic Fingers[]

The Sonic Finger was having a bottle when he watched Alita fight Jashugan in ES 578,[1] and on the wall of the bar was a poster advertising "Factory Bier" with a deckman holding a bottle. During the fight the Sonic Finger made the bottle in his hand spin so fast that some of the beer shot out of the bottle before he drained the rest.

Barjack Rhapsody[]

In ES 591 one of the former Barjack soldiers riding in a caravan with Koyomi had a bottle of Factory Farm Bier.[2]


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