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Factory Industrial Bourbon Whiskey
BAA06 185 Factory Industrial Bourbon Whiskey
A bottle of Factory Industrial Bourbon Whiskey in Battle 34.
Type Bourbon whiskey
Users Boiling Metal Battalion
Figure Four
Debut Battle 34

Factory Industrial Bourbon Whiskey is a brand of bourbon whiskey produced by the Factory and distributed in the Scrapyard.


After Alita was captured by the Boiling Metal Battalion at their base, Yolg was given a bottle of the whiskey, which the battalion had likely captured during a raid on the Factory Railroad. He was draining the bottle while pondering his betrayal of Alita and Figure Four and his obligations to his family when Bozzle approached to talk to him. After Yolg learned that Factory Farm 22 was to be the battalion's next target, he left the unfinished bottle on the ruins of the building he was sitting on to plead with Bozzle.

Later that night, Figure Four, who had been trapped beneath the rubble when the battalion had fired on him and collapsed a building on top of him, emerged. Although he sent Yolg's bottle flying when he broke free, he was able to quickly grab it in the same motion, finishing it before setting off after the battalion to rescue Alita.