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Factory Railroad
BAA06 58 Factory Train 12
Factory Train 12 in Battle 31
Type Rail network
Purpose Transport of resources and supplies between the Factory Farms and mining facilities and the Scrapyard
Creator Factory
Users Factory
Debut Battle 31

The Factory Railroad (ファクトリー鉄道 Fakutorī Tetsudō?) is a rail network that connects the Scrapyard to the Factory Farms and mining facilities, many of which are hundreds of kilometers from the Scrapyard. It is revealed in a map in vol. 1 of Gunnm Works that a rail line runs from each individual Factory out of the Scrapyard.[1]


As the Scrapyard serves to process these resources before sending them on to Tiphares, the Railroad formed the lifeline of Tiphares.[2] Armoured trains operated by deckmen powered by small nuclear power plants were used. Rail mercenaries were hired to provide security.


Supersonic Fingers[]

In ES 579[3] the Sonic Finger used a Factory train to relocate from the Western Sector to the Eastern Sector.

Battle Angel Alita[]

Despite the use of rail mercenaries, the long distances and remoteness of the railroad made it very vulnerable to attack during the Barjack War. Part of the Barjack's campaign against Tiphares and the Scrapyard involved ambushing Factory trains, isolating the Factory Farms and cutting off supplies to the Scrapyard. They captured two trains to use to pull the Heng,[4] and nearly succeeded in capturing Factory Train 12, but were stopped by Alita.

Last Order[]

It was revealed that the nuclear reactors of individual Factory trains were kept at some settlements to provide a power source, as was the case with Farm 21 and Barjack City.

Although the Factories were disrupted following the fall of Tiphares into anarchy in the wake of Desty Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips in ES 591, they maintained enough control along with Vector to keep the Scrapyard operating and the Factory Railroad running. This control however was at the breaking point a few months later on the eve of the Finals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.[5]


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