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Farm 21
BAA08 38 Farm 21
A partial view of Farm 21 in Battle 43.
Japanese name フアーム 21
Romanized name Fuamu 21
English name Farm 21
Affiliations Barjack, Factory (former)
Part of Factory Farm system
Type Farming village
Debut Battle 43

Farm 21, formerly known as Factory Farm 21, was one of the 29 Factory Farms. Daisuke Ido relocated here after he discovered the secret of Tiphares and left Desty Nova.


The farm is the westernmost[1] of the Factory Farms and is on the banks of a river, part of which has been diverted to form a large lake on which most of the housing is centered. Ido's clinic is located in the lake area and is called the Medical House.[2] This part of the farm can be accessed from the direction of the Scrapyard via a dirt road. Another part of the farm that contains the rail depot for the Factory Railroad is more heavily protected, being surrounded by a high fence studded with watchtowers. Three bridges cross the river to farmland on the opposite side.


BAA08 33-34 Farm 21

An overhead view of Farm 21 in Battle 43.

The farm had been under Barjack control for two years when Alita visited it in ES 590[3] in search of Ido, who Kaos learned was there as a result of his connection to Den. Ido's cyborg nurse Kayna attempted to intimidate Alita into leaving with the help of some local cyborgs, which failed. Although she briefly fought Alita herself, the fight was broken up by Ido. Alita later learned from a five-year old videorecording that Kayna gave her to view that Ido had decided to erase his memories following his discovery of the secret of Tiphares. She was thus forced to leave without Ido recognizing or remembering her.

When Kaos saw Alita off at Farm 21, Lou Collins shared her idea for the Tower of Tiphares with him and used Alita's TUNED mobile unit to print out the blueprints.

Farm 21 was destroyed after false rumor spread through the Badlands that Daisuke Ido was actually Desty Nova. The entire farm was burned by an army of citizens from Barjack City and then caught in the nuclear explosion of its main power generator.[4]

Other appearances[]

Farm 21 is a location in Gunnm: Martian Memory. It has the same layout as Factory Farm 22 and is also centered on a lake. The section where the deckman would be has an area closed off with the Barjack symbol on the wall. The deckman is missing from his terminal, but is hidden around a corner. Unlike in the manga, Gally fights Kayna outside the Medical House and does not enter it.


  • The rail mercenary chief on Factory Train 12 was looking at a men's magazine featuring the girls of Farm 21 just before the train was attacked.[5]


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