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BAALO17 139 Fawkes
A chip containing Fawkes in Phase 104.
Type Computer virus
Creator Ping Wu
Users Ping Wu
Debut Phase 104

Fawkes (フォークス Fōkusu?) is a computer virus created by Ping Wu that served as the Space Angels' trump card during the Finals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. It would trigger in the event that Aga Mbadi attempted to sabotage the Finals outcome by disabling Unanimous and leaking surveillance videos.


Five days before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals Ping Wu disclosed the existence of Fawkes to Porta Nova. The latter doubted that disabling Unanimous would work and Ping admitted that he had done so several times before, to no avail. However he bet that something would happen if Aga Mbadi clearly attempted to cheat. Porta Nova later told Nova X about Fawkes, which had been uploaded prior to the infiltration of Melchizedek.

After the Space Angels were declared the winners Mbadi stated an accidental explosion would kill the entire team, resulting in a no contest. At that point Fawkes activated, causing Yajnik to question Mbadi's actions and their conversation to be leaked to the entire viewing audience. On Tiphares Nova X told Marge Mahan that Ping had foreseen this event five days prior. Yajnik's defiance proved to be the turning point as Mbadi subsequently killed him on live TV, turning the entire audience against him.

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