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Fire bottle
BAA02 80 Fire bottle
A fire bottle armed and ready for use in Battle 9.
Type Molotov cocktail
Users Hugo
Debut Battle 9

A fire bottle is a type of Molotov cocktail that is available in the Scrapyard.


Fire bottles are handheld glass cylinders containing a type of napalm that are armed when a plug-like fuse in the top is pulled. When the glass is shattered the napalm adheres to and burns its target.


Hugo kept fire bottles under his jacket as emergency weapons when he was robbing cyborgs of their spinal columns. When Zapan posed as a customer and busted his operation, Hugo used a fire bottle against him which distracted him long enough to enable him to escape. Zapan however only sustained some minor burns to his face. At the abandoned factory, Hugo prepared to use one when he heard someone enter the factory, although it turned out to be Alita.

Other appearances[]

The fire bottle is used by Yugo in the OVA. He also uses it against Zapan in Gunnm: Martian Memory and Gally can purchased it to use as a missile weapon.

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