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Last Order New Ed. vol. 7 cover - flan
Flan from the cover of volume 7 of the Gunnm: Last Order New Edition.
Type Dessert
Users Desty Nova
Debut Battle 25

Flan (プラン Puran?) is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. It is Desty Nova's favourite dish and his obsessive love of it is one of his most distinguishing characteristics.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Desty Nova was typically seen with a saucer of flan when in his lab while conducting an experiment, as he believed that he thought better when eating it.[1] He was depicted eating flan several times throughout Battle Angel Alita, and one of the duties of Barzarld was bringing flan to his master. When Alita threatened to kill Nova after she broke free of the Ouroboros Program the first time, Nova cried out that he could not bear the thought of never eating flan again after he dies.[2] After he was able to trap Alita in the Ouroboros again, Nova was eating a dish of flan in a dream scenario in which he and Daisuke Ido were partners and Alita was named Gally. When he asked her what she wanted, she asked for some flan, which he reluctantly gave her.[3]

Last Order[]

Nova and Nova II have been shown eating flan, but Super Nova has yet to eat any. The latest incarnation, Nova X, takes Nova's love of flan to a higher level. In addition to never being seen without it, he frequently uses it as the subject of a metaphor and dresses in a chef's uniform. When he first appeared, he served some flan from a cart to several Tipharean children as well as Marge and Pam Mahan. When Nola Lafargue then tried to kill him, he stopped her by suggesting that something bad would happen to those who had eaten the flan if he were killed.

BAALO07 127 Death of Lily

Lily's body dissolves when Jack crashes into her in Phase 41.

During the Round 2 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Sechs defeated both Lily and Springfoot Jack by mimicking the latter's voice and commanding her to take the form of a human flan. Lily obeyed and was dissolved when Jack crashed into her. Sechs used the opening created to slice Jack in half with the Titan Blade.

Other appearances[]

Desty Nova is depicted consuming flan on several occasions in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


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