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After the deaths of Gavit and Hogan, four unnamed masters joined the Space Karate Forces for the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


All of the masters were light coloured humanoid cyborgs who wore white gis with black belts. Two of them, a cyborg with a rounded head, and another who had a lower jaw shaped like an excavator blade, were with Toji when he won the 45th Univeral Karate Championship on Hellas Colony in ES 587, suggesting that they too were practitioners of Electromagnetic Karate.[1]


As they agreed to join Toji, the masters presumably had a good relationship with him and he knew two of them from before.


All four were highly skilled practitioners of Space Karate.


After Gavit and Hogan were killed by Alita and Zazie in the Combat Chamber, two of the other members of the Space Karate Forces deserted Toji and failed to show up for Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. He hastily reassembled a new team, bringing on two of his friends and two other masters. All four however, met their match against Mean Machine, who tore through them. This forced Toji to defeat Mean Machine by himself. He was forced to fight alone until Zekka joined him for the Quarterfinals.