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Fred Burke
Fred Burke
English name Fred Burke
Birth date 1965
Birth place Austin, Texas
Occupation Writer, translator
Nationality American

Fred Burke is an American comics writer and translator.

Work on Battle Angel Alita[]

He worked on the translation of the first two volumes of Battle Angel Alita with Sterling Bell and Matt Thorn. They were joined by Toshifumi Yoshida on the third volume, after which Bell and Thorn left, with Burke and Yoshida finishing up the remainder of the series. This made Burke the only member of the translation team to be involved with the series for all nine volumes. He and Yoshida also worked on the English adaptations of Ashen Victor and Aqua Knight. Burke is currently involved in the same capacity for Last Order.

Burke had a role in the adaptation of Battle Angel Alita into English. This included several name changes, most notably Gally becoming "Alita".[1]


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