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BAALO03 16 GENE Project

Aga Mbadi explains the GENE Project in Phase 13.

The GENE Project (GENE 計画 GENE Keikau?) was a scientific project conceived by LADDER to create super geniuses by using Tiphares as a test environment. This resulted in the creation of Desty Nova, Jean Vares, Mesfield, and another scientist who has yet to be revealed.


LADDER began the G.E.N.E. Project in ES 437.[1] The idea was to create super geniuses in Tiphares using the DNA organ and keep them under surveillance as it was a self-contained environment. Of the created test subjects, 99% were deemed failures fated to either kill themselves or be sentenced as genetically predisposed criminals. Of the remaining 1%, only four individuals escaped the Medical Inspection Bureau and survived various hardships to ultimately reach Ketheres. It is strongly implied that the subjects' brilliance resulted in each of them discovering the existence of the brain bio-chips on their own.

BAALO12 55 Mbadi & Vares

Mbadi is confronted with a recording in Vares' hideout in which the scientist offered his bio-chip in a flashback in Phase 70.

One of the survivors was Jean Vares, who became a terrorist who killed millions through a series of nanotechnological terrorist attacks termed the Vares Hazard. When he was tracked down by then-ORDER Captain Aga Mbadi in ES 473, he offered his own bio-chip as a spoil to Mbadi in recognition of his efforts and to enable him to return to Earth from Pluto. With his new powers Mbadi went on to track down Mesfield and a second scientist who had survived and took their brain bio-chips as well, leading him to call himself "Trinidad".


A century later the project produced Desty Nova, who became a brilliant but seemingly mad nanotechnology scientist. Currently existing in two different incarnations, Super Nova and Nova X, he is the only surviving creation of the GENE Project. Jim Roscoe's reaction after accessing the DNA Data Bank suggests that he too was created by the GENE Project. Nova II however reasoned that Jim's personality was not diabolical enough to handle this knowledge.


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