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GG is a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army officer. It is not specified if GG is a nickname or what his initials stand for.


GG is a large, dark skinned man who is bald and has metallic plates around the outside of each eye. During Operation Hagel he wore a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army combat uniform. Outside of combat, he wears a standard army working uniform. After his left forearm was blown off by the Verschlag, he was fitted with a replacement skeletal forearm which was later modified to include cyborg flesh.


A veteran soldier, GG nonetheless sympathized with Zazie, as he remarked that losing troops under his command was something that he never got used to. He admitted to himself during Zazie's fight with Rakan that she possesses both logic and instinct, as he lacked the latter.


GG has a good relationship with Zazie as well as Canali and Lyuben, who are presumably enlisted personnel.


A month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT), GG was in command of Beta Team during Operation Hagel, a joint military operation to recover Olympus Spaceport from the Neo-Third Reich Division. When Zebra and Alpha Teams engaged the Division at the November Dome, Beta was able to storm in and secure all of the hostages.

Three days after the operation ended, GG came across Zazie when she visited a soldier's graveyard. When she started to hear the sound of the Verschlag inside her head and was about to shoot herself, he barely stopped her. After she collapsed, he brought her in for medical treatment, during which his left arm came into contact with Zazie's head and was blown off by the resulting Verschlag was transmitted to it. GG received a replacement arm when Zazie woke up and agreed not to tell Queen Limeira about her condition. He theorized that Frau X used an unknown Panzer Kunst technique similar to the Dim Mak on Zazie in an attempt to break her pride after her performance during their fight.[1]

A month later, GG was among the spectators who followed the ZOTT finals between the Space Angels and the Space Karate Forces, watching along with Canali and Lyuben.[2] During Zazie's fight against Rakan he recognized that she was handicapped by how much ammunition she could carry into the fight.


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  2. Phase 87 - The various spectators following the ZOTT Finals are shown.

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