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BAA03 80 Galvani Circuit
The main entrance to the Galvani Circuit in Battle 14.
Type Motorball circuit
Debut Battle 14

The Galvani Circuit is a Top League motorball circuit. It was the site of Jashugan's Top League challenge race.


The race was Jashugan's first in a month and was a sellout. Alita and Ed, as well as Daisuke Ido and Shumira, all had to watch from outside. The champion was matched up against three challengers who had banded together to face him: Claymore, Karashnikoff, and Pihagetta. During the race Jashugan suffered a flatline attack and was forced to pit. Ido and Shumira scaled the fence and were able to enter the pit area, where the pit crew recognized Ido's Tipharean tattoo, marking him as a doctor. Ido was able to resuscitate Jashugan's brain by shocking it with Shumira's brainwaves. The three challengers, who had begun to fight among themselves for the motorball, were shocked at the champion's sudden return and he tore through them in seconds, defending his title and gaining a new ally in Ido.


  • The circuit may be named after Italian physician and physicist Luigi Galvani.

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