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Ganga was a master of Astro Karate.


Ganga had a tall, human-sized cyborg body that was light coloured. He had narrow eyes and a pronounced shallow V-shaped indentation on his forehead, as well as a series of small holes that ran on both sides of his neck and under his forearms. He wore a white gi.


More than a hundred space karatekas attempted to join the Space Karate Forces as reserve members before the Block-B semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591. During the free for all that Zekka had them undertake as a means of trying out, Ganga joined three other karatekas, Mercury, Amin, and Zakuro, in taking on Rakan, who they recognized as a wanted criminal. Collectively agreeing to take him out for the honour of the karate world, all four attacked simultaneously, but all except Mercury fell to Rakan's Finger Thrust without even touching him.