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Garuede was a Künstler who appeared during Yoko's original final mission, attacking the spacecraft that she and her companions were on for unknown reasons. He was later named in the Q&A section of the Japanese version of Yukito Kishiro's website[1] and in volumes 2 and 5 of Gunnm Works.[2] Garuede plays a more substantial role in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


Garuede had a cylindrical head, but the rest of his body is indistinct. In Gunnm: Martian Memory he has two forms. When he first appears, he is a massive, obese android with a white body with narrow green stripes. He has a cylindrical head, large cheeks, and his arms and legs are dwarfed by his bulk. After he regains a brain cartridge that contains his memories, his body implodes to a slimmer and more toned form.


Yoko was part of a group of Künstlers whose final mission was the destruction of Ketheres Elyion and Earth's orbital ring. Before they could carry it out however, Garuede attacked their spacecraft. Yoko was just able to escape using a zubringer before Garuede tore through the spacecraft, destroying it and critically damaging her as well. She was able to get a glimpse of him and saw him laugh before she lost consciousness and eventually crash landed on Earth. Garuede has not made any further appearances in the story and is presumed deceased.

Other appearances[]

Gunnm Works vol. 2 p

Garuede after his transformation in volume 2 of Gunnm Works.

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally encounters Garuede after arriving on Jeru, where he cannot recall what his purpose is. She agrees to help him by obtaining his missing brain cartridge, which she claims as the prize of winning a Solar System-wide fighting tournament. After regaining the cartridge, Garuede recalls his purpose and his body transforms. Recognizing Gally as one of the Armoured Artists that he fought two centuries ago, he fights and defeats her, but does not kill her, as he realizes that she is different. He even agrees to help her find the perpetrator who tampered with Melchizedek

After the two travel to Leviathan 1, Garuede reveals more of his history after Gally defeats two beings who were infected with Berserker cells. He is one of a series of androids, each referred to as an "Order". Garuede himself, as the final one remaining, is the "Last Order". When Gally returns to the docking bay, she sees Garuede confront and fight Zuoh, the perpetrator behind the infection of Melchizedek. Garuede is defeated and as he dies, reverts to his obese form and asks Gally to stop Zuoh.[3]


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