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Gateway Arch
BAALO09 121 Gateway Arch collapses
The Gateway Arch collapses in Phase 54
Japanese name ゲートウェイ・アーチ
Romanized name Gētou~ei āchi
English name Gateway Arch
Part of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Type Arch
Debut Phase 48

The Gateway Arch was an arch that was the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri. It was destroyed in ES 126.


The arch was covered in snow when the surviving Type-V mutants arrived in the former St. Louis in ES 126 and set up camp in the ground floor of the Millennium Hotel.[1] During Vilma Fachiri's climactic fight with Victor Byron, they eventually moved to the top of the arch. Vilma was able to redirect Victor's attacks with his sword to slice into the arch and was able to knock off a section that he was standing on. However he survived the fall and slaughtered several members of the Bradley Shelter who Arthur Farrell had led to attack the Type-V mutants. After throwing the sword to kill two who tried to flee, Victor cut through the base of one of the arch's legs, causing it to slam against the other leg. Vilma was able to use her jian to surf down the second leg before the whole structure collapsed.


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