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Gauss' clinic
Gunnm AS 102 Gauss' clinic
Part of Scrapyard
Type Clinic
Debut The Holy Night

Gauss' Cyberdoc (Gauss' サイバネ・ドック Gauss' Saibane Dokku?) is a Scrapyard clinic owned and operated by the cyberphysician Gauss. Daisuke Ido trained here for six months before opening his own practice. The clinic only appears in the side story The Holy Night.


Around Christmas of ES 571[1] Ido and Carol, a young woman he had saved from an enormous cyborg, were taken in by Gonzu after Ido had been evicted by the woman he had been living with, Dina. Gonzu recommended that Ido learn how to treat cyborgs and referred Gauss to him. Ido trained with the veteran cyberphysician for six months, but after this period discovered that he lacked the compassion to operate on cyborgs. Following his meeting with Dedekind, a fellow doctor who specialized in restorative human surgery, he ceased learning from Gauss and accepted an offer to work alongside his fellow Tipharean doctor.

However in the wake of the events surrounding the deaths of Dedekind, Carol, and Lady Pakila, the woman who Carol turned out to be a clone of, Ido returned to complete his apprenticeship with Gauss. This time he had gained the compassion that he had previously lacked, and was eventually able to open his own practice.


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