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BAA03 66 Jashugan in pit
Jashugan in the pit in Battle 14
English name Gears
Origin Scrapyard
Type Motorball team
Notable members Daisuke Ido (temporary)
Debut Battle 14

Gears[1] is a motorball team that was represented in the Top League by Jashugan. It included a cyberphysician, two nurses, and two engineers. Daisuke Ido was a member of Gears for a brief period of time.


Jashugan was with Gears during his rookie season in the Top League in ES 572,[2] when he and Esdoc were involved in a deadly accident on the track. He sustained massive brain damage and was only saved through the intervention of Desty Nova, who used the Tipharean technology Gehirn Umbao to perform reconstructive brain surgery on him. This helped Jashugan survive and become the motorball champion thanks to the abilities that he gained, and the Gears personnel began to see Nova's forehead tattoo as the symbol of a highly skilled doctor. However the price that Jashugan paid was the constant risk of death through unpredictable spasmatic attacks, during which his brain functions would flatline and cease. At first he was able to recover from these on his own, but was forced over time to limit how often he competed.

BAA03 73 Gears

Three of the Gears personnel, along with Ido and Shumira, react to Jashugan's victory in Battle 14.

During Jashugan's Top League challenge race, he suffered a flatline attack and collapsed, although he was able to make it into the pit. Shumira and Ido, who had been watching the race, scaled the fence separating the spectators and were able to access the pit. Here Shumira showed the Gears personnel Ido's forehead tattoo, which reassured them. They brought him to an operating room, where it had been nearly a minute since Jashugan's brain functions had ceased. From a brain scan Ido recognized that Gehirn Umbao had been used, and had Shumira connected so that her brain waves could be sent to Jashugan's brain and thus "shock" him back to life. The technique worked, allowing Jashugan to return to the race and defeat his three challengers. Following this Ido joined Gears as Jashugan's tuner.

Although Ido created a direct interface that could send Shumira's brain waves via radio to Jashugan's brain in preparation for Alita's challenge race, Jashugan foiled any possibility of using it by sedating Shumira just before the race. It is not indicated if Gears continued to exist following his death.


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