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Gehirn Umbao
BAA04 110 Gehirn Umbao
Desty Nova performing surgery on Jashugan in Battle 20.
Type Nanotechnological brain reconstructive technology
Creator Tiphares
Users Jashugan
Debut Battle 14

Gehirn Umbao is a Tipharean technology used for brain reconstruction involving nanomachines. It was used by Desty Nova to repair Jashugan's brain after he sustained severe brain damage, allowing him to become the motorball champion. Although Daisuke Ido recognized it, it is suggested that he did not have same degree of skill as Nova did in order to perform it.


In ES 572[1], Jashugan's rookie year in the Top League, he and his rival Esdoc were involved in a deadly accident in which Jashugan sustained massive brain damage. He would have died had not Nova intervened and performed reconstructive brain surgery on him. Using Gehirn Umbao, Nova used nanomachines to rebuild the column structure of Jashugan’s cerebral cortex and strengthen his neurons with artificial proteins. The reconstruction helped Jashugan survive and become the motorball champion thanks to the abilities that he gained. This was in stark contrast to Ed, who also survived, but became dependent on acceleration drug injections to stay competitive, which resulted in a side effect called Terminal Frost which forced his eventual retirement.

However Jashugan paid a high price for his brain reconstruction. A side effect was the constant risk of death, and he suffered an increasing series of spasmatic attacks that caused his heart rate to flatline, although he had recovered from these attacks on his own in the past.


BAA03 94 Ido recognises

Ido realises that Gehirn Umbau was used on Jashugan in Battle 14.

During his challenge race against three other Top League racers, Jashugan was forced to pit by one of these attacks. Ido and Shumira, who were watching the race, intervened after scaling the fence and entering the pit area. Here, the pit crew immediately deferred to Ido when they saw his Tipharean tattoo. Ido recognized that Gehirn Umbao had been used on Jashugan and was able to resuscitate him by transmitting Shumira's brain waves directly to Jashugan's via an amp, enabling the champion to win. Later while Ido prepared a direct interface so that he could transmit Shumira's brain waves to Jashugan's brain if necessary during his challenge race against Alita, Jashugan revealed how he had received Gehirn Umbao from Desty Nova. However prior to the challenge race, he realised that he was dying and administered a sedative to his younger sister, setting himself up for a death match with Alita.


  • Gehirn is German for "brain". Umbau can mean modification, alteration, renovation, or rebuilding.


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