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Meister Gelgt is a Panzer Kunst master and a former mentor of Yoko.


Gelgt is a towering individual, standing well above both Alita and Erica. He has dark eyes, with markings running down the sides of his head from his eyes to his chin and a sharp nose. It is presumed that Gelgt underwent a complete cyberization before his death and resurrection due to having a metallic head with six holes or impressions in his scalp. He is seen with a prominent scowl and a generally displeased look on his face.


It is revealed that many years ago, Gelgt was an army captain as well as a Panzer Kunst practitioner; he would go on to teach the martial art to many Martian soldiers, including both Alita (who was still known by her original name of Yoko) and her friend Erica. At some point after Alita left, Gelgt was killed and later brought back to life as a Necro-Soldier.


Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle[]

Necro Soldiers Arc[]

Alita reveals that Caerula told her about the Einherjar during her battle with Erica and that she is a Necro-Soldier. Erica has a breakdown, denying this and rebuking Alita when she suggests they team up to take down Dasein. During the battle, Alita forces Erica to amputate one of her feet to get away. Enraged at the loss of her limb, Erica decides to utilize her own modernized version of Panzer Kunst, Panzer Taitaan, but their battle is interrupted by the arrival of the other Kunstler Einherjar -Parabellum, War Doctor Bremen, and Master Gelgt. Gelgt orders Erica to retreat, revealing that Alita was supposed to have been killed by Caerula during the Z.O.T.T. and reconstructed into a Necro-Soldier. Revealing that he knows Alita is the Last Order, Gelgt declares her the sworn enemy of the Einherjar. Tossing a young boy with an explosive device strapped to him in order to prevent Alita from pursuing, Gelgt and the Einherjar depart. Alita saves the child, but is abruptly confronted by Zazie and her troops.

At the Einherjar headquarters, Erica - having reattached her foot - furiously confronts Gelgt regarding Alita's accusations and is devastated to learn that she is indeed a Necro-Soldier, having been mortally-wounded by Yoko 200 years ago. Revealing that he is also a Necro-Soldier, Gregt states that Caerula had been prying into their affairs and that he had managed to temporarily stall her, then berates Erica for questioning their mission.


  • Gelgt appears to be loosely based off of the Leader from Battle Angel Alita volume 9.