One of the events central to the entire plot of Alita: Battle Angel, the Geo Catastrophe was the series of events which completely reshaped the surface of the Earth, and ended all previous human countries and cultures.

The Catastrophe Edit

The event occurred in ES 55 (2012).

The Geo Catastrophe begins with a massive meteor impacting off the coast of Japan. The impact instantly destroys the country, with massive tsunamis radiating outward that would devastate coastal areas all around the world.

The dust raised from this would plunge the planet into an ice-age that would persist past ES 127, but seem to have ended by, ES 173.

The Catastrophe is responsible for the creation of Merlin, founding of the city which would one day become Tiphares and the Scrapyard, eventually the Earth Orbital Federation, and the mass exodus of humans from Earth which led to the Terraforming Wars. Indirectly, the Geo Catastrophe has influenced every event since.

A more detailed explanation can be found in the page of Caerula Sanguis, a Type-V mutant who personally participated in the most important events of the Catastrophe.