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Geppa (ゲッパー Geppa?) is one of Vector's many cyborg henchmen. He was not originally named, but is identified in the Japanese version of Angel of the Innocents as being based on a reader's design. He later became one of Kaos' bodyguards along with Tanker.


Based on a design submitted by hide from Osaka, Geppa is a large cyborg with a gorilla-like appearance. He had a rounded head with two different types of eyes and a body that was dark coloured, with the exception of half of his head, his thighs, and feet.



Geppa and Tanker appear to be friends as they have always appeared together. Although the pair initially attempted to beat up Kaos for Vector, they were defeated by the former after he regained his determination and fighting spirit. After becoming Kaos' bodyguard, Geppa was entrusted with carrying his katana during the trip to Tiphares.



In ES 591, Kaos returned to Vector's compound a year to the day when he had first appeared to ask for his help in constructing the Tower of Tiphares. Geppa and Tanker, another of Vector's goons, were stationed just inside the compound's gate. Totally despondent, Kaos was unable to respond to Vector when told to speak for himself and fell to his knees. Tankua and Geppa along with a third enforcer then surrounded Kaos and threatened him. However at that moment a paper airplane that Alita had thrown from Tiphares landed on Kaos' hand and he instantly learned all that had happened in the floating city with his psychometry. The three enforcers were momentarily confused, but then Tankua and Geppa tried to get the paper airplane to throw it themselves. However in a sudden burst of fury, Kaos swiftly cut all three cyborgs' neural circuits and power lines with his katana to render them immobile, causing all three to helplessly fall on top of each other.

Much later, he and Tanker became Kaos' bodyguards and accompanied Kaos and his party to Tiphares.


  • Geppa was created by "Hide." Its design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order.


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