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Gime's swords
Gime vs. Gally
Gime wielding the swords against Gally.
Type Swords
Users Gime
Debut Tears Sign

In the OVA, Gime uses a pair of extendable swords which can be connected together to form a single weapon instead of the technique he used in the manga, the White Hot Palm.


The swords are a pair of identical extendable blades with red hilts and are easily portable in their retracted form. They can be connected hilt to hilt to form a single double-bladed sword. Gime normally uses a single sword unless the situation warrants him connecting both together.


The year that Yugo turned ten, his older brother completed a hot air balloon that he planned to use to fly to Zalem from Scrap Iron City. However his wife betrayed him to the Factory. Gime pursued him and decapitated him with one of the swords before cutting off his right hand, which was clutching his jacket in a death grip.


Years later Gime tracks Yugo down after he had become a bounty, slicing off his right arm. After Gally appears to challenge him, he connects both swords together to fight her. This gives him an edge in the fight and he is able to pin Gally down in position for a finishing blow, but she blocks the blade with both hands and charges her body with electricity. When she notices that this will soon attract a bolt of lightning, she pushes the sword away. Just as Gime is about to strike, he is hit by the lightning, which destroys his body and the sword.

Anime and manga differences[]

In the manga Gime used the White Hot Palm to make his hands hot enough to burn through both human and cyborg limbs.

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