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Giraud (ジロー Jirō?) was a young orphan boy who was a member of Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school on Leviathan 1.


Giraud was a young boy with short hair who was dressed in the fatigues and boots of Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having dark brown hair and wearing dark green fatigues.[1]


Shortly after Alita and Limeira arrived on Leviathan 1 in ES 591, Giraud ran away from Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school and stole König when Limeira put him down for a moment. Two of Payne's men tracked him down and trapped him in an alley where his screaming drew Alita and Sechs. After they took out the goons, Giraud disclosed his name when asked but refused to say where he lived as he did not want to return to the school.

BAALO04 28 Giraud's body

Giraud's corpse in Phase 19.

Alita tried to reach Ping Wu but got Martin Tsang instead, who told her to take Giraud to the Adminipolice. He handed König back to her before they parted ways and she thought she recognised him. It was not until she ran into Limeira and Zazie, who were searching for König, that she learned what had really happened. Galvanised by Alita's despair and Zazie's anger at Giraud being returned to his owner, Limeira calmed them down and the three made an attempt to save Giraud. Limeira visited the main juvenile infantry school office where she bought Platoon EXT-04 for 1.5 million megasols. However the platoon had been deployed to the Combat Chamber for live fire exercises and could not be recalled as it did not carry a communications device. At the same time, Alita, Zazie and Sechs entered the Combat Chamber to head the platoon off. However they were too late, as it had been wiped out in battle over a flag. Giraud was found with the right side of his face and right arm blown off with his torso separated from his lower body.

After encountering and killing Payne himself shortly after he arrived on the scene, Alita and Zazie along with Sechs at first decided to capture 20 flags in the Combat Chamber as a memorial to the platoon, which was accomplished the following day. However on Alita's suggestion, they eventually went on capture all 78 of the flags to halt the fighting for two weeks and prevent any more children from dying during that time.

Giraud later appeared as one of the many characters from Alita's past shown when Melchizedek, appearing as its avatar of Arthur Farrell, reached out to her consciousness after her ego was shattered and her Imaginos Body dissolved following Super Nova's Seca attack.[2]


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