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BAALO13 06 Gizmon
Gizmon in Phase 75
Japanese name ギズモン
Romanized name Gizumon
English name Gizmon
Type Haute couture
Purpose Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament bio-platform
Creator Pissaro Créer de Vivre
Users Genome Kingdom
Debut Phase 75

Gizmon was the Genome Kingdom's bio-platform during the Block-A Semifinals of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament. Created by Biovouivre Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre, it was consumed by Gargantua during the match.


Like many technological items of Venusian design, Gizmon was a living organism. It had six eyes, three each on a pair of stalks, with a double row of rounded spines on its back. The opening in its front resembled a mouth, with an upper row of thin tendril-like teeth and much larger teeth on its lower jaw. The number 8 was displayed where the "chin" was, and short, tentacle-like legs grew from the underside, with a much longer pair at the rear. Inside was a bone-like cage that held Homme du Feu and a central viewing plant-like platform that had living cameras on stalks that could position themselves.


Prior to the match, Pissarro offered Olympe to Homme du Feu as a reward if he won. He was soon released along with Bigorne and Chichevache to do battle with Rakan, Taraba, and Toji. Pissarro and Olympe watched the match from the viewing platform. When Taraba used his Squilla Blow to defeat Pincequeue, Bigorne's self-amputating tail, the blast was so strong that pieces of Pincequeue were blown onto Gizmon, injuring it and damaging the viewing platform.[1]

After Homme du Feu was sliced in half by Rakan's kick, Pissarro used a bio cannon to fire a vege-graft into his body, transforming him into Gargantua. When Olympe realized that Homme du Feu would not survive the match even if he won, she tried to win his freedom for him by apparently killing Pissarro with a large piece of Pincequeue's jaw that had landed inside Gizmon. However Pissarro survived the attack and was able to fire his rose bullet into Olympe. When she fell from Gizmon, Homme du Feu, seeing this, tore himself from Gargantua and was able to catch her before she fell. Without him to direct it, Gargantua went out of control, eventually consuming Gizmon.


  1. Phase 77 - Taraba uses Squilla Blow against Pincequeue.

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