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Gonzu (ゴンズ Gonzu?) was a cyberphysician residing in the Scrapyard and introduced in the early half of Battle Angel Alita. He frequently worked with fellow cyberphysician Daisuke Ido at his clinic and frequented Master's establishment Bar Kansas.


Gonzu was a short, slightly overweight elderly man with gray skin and white whispy hair. He was missing the top half of his head due to some unknown injury, having replaced it with a metal casing. He was usually is seen with a sleepy or somber look on his face.



Gonzu was an easy going man, enjoying a simple life within the Scrapyard. It can be argued that he had some self-esteem issues when forced to perform complex tasks or operations, downplaying his abilities and wishing to allow some one else to do them.[1]


While he was not as skilled a cyberphysician like Dr. Ido, he was still fully capable in assisting Ido with his operations. He was also capable of performing complex operations on his own, despite his misgivings.


Daisuke Ido[]

As colleagues, it is presumed that Gonzu and Ido held each other in high regards and were friends for some time prior to the start of the series.


Gonzu would frequently visit Bar Kansas and New Kansas and interact with Master; this would show that they were familiar enough with one another. It was hinted that Gonzu and Master were friends enough that the latter would allow Gonzu to hang out during closed hours at the bar.


While Gonzu did not interact with Alita as much as Ido, it is believed that he still harbored some degree of care towards the girl. He proved to be instrumental in saving Alita's life after her first encounter with Makaku, leading to Alita caring for the curmudgeonly cyberphysician almost as much as Ido.