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Gossen School
BAA07 65 Einsatzrhythmen
Tzykrow is affected by the Einsatzrhythmen while trying to launch an attack in Phase 39
Japanese name ゴッセン派
Romanized name Gosen Kō
English name Gossen School
Origin Mars
Users Alita
Related martial arts Panzer Kunst
Debut Phase 39

The Gossen School (ゴッセン派 Gosen Kō?) was one of the schools of Panzer Kunst and was known for developing the Geheimnis ("secret") technique Einsatzrhythmen, which Alita has used.


The school had already become extinct when Grünthal was destroyed at the end of the Terraforming Wars 200 years ago.[1]

Although Alita is primarily a student of the Mauser School, she used Einsatzrhythmen against Tzykrow when they fought outside Melchizedek, setting him up for the Hertza Nadel. Tyzkrow afterwards was puzzled as to how she had learned it, as he had never taught such a high level technique in the Kammer Gruppe.


  • Einsatzrhythmen ("Rhythms Insertion"): A technique which few were able to master, although it was recorded in books. When a Künstler matches their own chi with that of an opponent's, they can negate the opposing chi. This completely stops any attack the opponent has just launched, leaving them open for an immediate counterattack.


  • "Gossen" is German for "gutter".


  1. Phase 40 - Tzykrow questions how Alita learned Einsatzrhythmen.

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