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Grünthal satellite
BAALO03 136 Training satellite
The satellite in Phase 17.
Type Satellite
Users Grünthal
Debut Phase 17

Prior to the destruction of Grünthal, fledgling Künstlers learned how to fight in zero gravity on a satellite that orbited Mars.


The satellite had a semi-spherical shape with three large circular surfaces on one side in addition to numerous smaller structures. A narrow section below culminated in an inverted triangle.


As part of their Panzer Kunst training Yoko and Erica together with a group of other young Künstlers learned how to fight in zero gravity on the satellite. The training session occurred in a padded room and was led by an unnamed instructor. He lectured them that all Panzer Kunst began at zero gravity and that once mastered, they would be able to fight in any gravity.

The satellite was presumably destroyed when Grünthal itself was wiped out at the end of the Terraforming Wars.


Alita later recalled the training session when fighting Zazie outside of Samoyed I when the latter dodged an attempted strike. Although it was the first time she had fought in zero gravity in centuries, Alita instantly recalled her training and surprised Zazie, who had assumed that her opponent's training was entirely gravity-based.

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