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BAALO13 206 Griffenium
Griffenium crystals and its 3D network structure[1]
Japanese name グリフニウムとは
Romanized name Gurifuniumu to wa
English name Griffenium
Type Alloy
Purpose Various
Creator République Vénus
Users Guignols
Debut Phase 77

Griffenium is an alloy composed of wolfram that can only be generated by Venusian objet-être. Characterized by having long crystals intertwined like fibers, it has a bamboo-like strength and flexibility which is supported by a lightweight honeycomb interior.[1]


The Genome Kingdom's Bigorne and Chichevache both had or used griffenium components. The former had griffenium fangs and could fire griffenium shells from its finger cannons[1], while the jaws of its tail Pincequeue were made of griffenium.[2] Chichevache's bones were made of hollow griffenium.[1]


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