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Grind Cutter
BAA01 Grind Cutter
The Cutter in Battle 5.
Type Main weapon
Purpose Long range combat
Creator Scrapyard
Users Kinuba; Makaku
Debut Battle 4

Grind Cutters the main offensory option of the cyborg Power Body.


Engineered by an unknown mechanist from Scrapyard. The cybernetic enhancement weapon called Grind Cutters is an appendageal assault battery capable of piercing or sheering through most any substance with it's hyper accelerated razor lined telescoping digits. Via a device known as an Actuator, a weaponer has complete control the supersonic motions of each Grind Cutter digits extension and retraction rate. Able to reach out and lash most anything to pieces in half a second.


During the early life of hunter warrior Alita.[1] Makaku opted to steal the cyber body of the Coliseum reigning champion Kinuba; whom had just recently used his special battlement to dispatch his opposition Zaariki in a rather hady fashion, seeking a rematch with the cyborg girl who robbed him of his right eye. The former would make his way to Bar Kansas in order to find his designated prey seeking to resume their battle from a couple nights ago, regaling how the two had recently acquired new bionic enhancement's. Makaku would show off his expertise in the use of his pillaged utilities before stealing Master; the bar owner's infant daughter Koyomi K. in order to lure his adversary into his domain.[2]

Other appearances[]

Makaku appears as a boss retaining his Power Body alongside its Grind Cutter in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


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