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BAALO13 18 Guignols
Homme du Feu (top right) attacking another guignol in a flashback in Phase 75.
Type Haute couture
Purpose Combat
Creator République Vénus
Users République Vénus
Debut Phase 71

A guignol (ギニョル Ginyoru?) (name of the hero of a famous French puppet show) is a creature of Venusian origin designed for combat. As objet-être, guignols are classified as haute couture.


The République Vénus is renowned for developing and producing guignols to serve as its seeded teams in the Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). Their representative in the Tenth ZOTT, the Genome Kingdom, was created by Biovouivre's Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre. Homme du Feu, the cornerstone of the team, was specifically a Kynokephalos style guignol. Le Béhémoth, the defending ZOTT team which had represented Venus a decade before, was presumably composed of guignols.


  • The term guignol comes from the title character in a French puppet show that was created in the late 1790s by Laurent Mourguet.