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The Gunnm: New Edition is a reprint of Gunnm by Shueisha in shinsōban format. It was published from June through December 2010. Consisting of seven volumes, it is the second reprint of Gunnm after the Gunnm: Complete Edition, which was released from December 1998 through August 2000.

In a departure from previous covers as well as the covers for Last Order, the covers for the New Edition feature scenes of life in the Scrapyard as opposed to characters.

Yukito Kishiro put Last Order on hiatus by beginning in July 2010 following its 100th chapter as the result of a dispute between him and an editor at Ultra Jump over a revision of dialog for the New Edition. This had involved the modification of the words "crazy" and "psycho" in three instances and the impact that this would have on meeting his deadline.[1] After negotiations with the editors of Ultra Jump and Evening in August,[2] Kishiro ultimately decided to switch publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha. This ended the 20 year relationship between Kishiro and Shueisha.[3]



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