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Gunnm novel cover
Author Yasuhisa Kawamura
Illustrator Yukito Kishiro
Cover characters Gally
Release date
Japanese release April 24, 1997
ISBN 978-4087030594[1]

A novelization of Gunnm was written by Yasuhisa Kawamura and illustrated by Yukito Kishiro. Also titled Gunnm (銃夢 Ganmu?), it was published by Shueisha's JUMP j-BOOKS label in 1997.


Following the end of Gunnm in May 1995, Yukito Kishiro was asked to adapt it into novel form. He asked Yasuhisa Kawamura, his former assistant, to write the story while he handled the illustrations. The novel was released from March through August 1996 in Shueisha's Jump Novel magazine before being published in paperback form by JUMP j-BOOKS in April 1997.


The novel presents an alternate version of the early part of the story from Rusty Angel and introduces two cyborg characters who are exclusive to the novel, Calico and Norinco.


Kishiro created four CG illustrations for the novel, including the cover. Three were completed in February 1996 and the fourth in July 1996. They can be seen on the gallery section of his website. He also did 11 black and white illustrations.[2]