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Gunnm 3D special DVD

The DVD.

The Gunnm 3D special (銃夢-3Dスペシャル Jū yume - 3 D supesharu?) is a short CG animated video of Gally playing motorball. It was on a DVD that was included with Gunnm: Complete Edition Vol. 6. "Water Blonde" by Den is the song played during the video. The entire video is three and a half minutes long, with one minute of credits.


After a 10 second countdown, the main entrance of a motorball circuit is shown and then the track. The scene then shifts to nerve pulses, wires, and the mechanics of a cyborg body, which is revealed to be Gally's motorball body as she slices a drop of water in half with one of her Damascus Blades. The perspective then shifts to her left eye and the start of a race, with the motorball thrown onto the track and the players racing. During the race Gally duels Togo, decapitating him in slow motion. She is then the ballkeeper, but is next shown without the motorball. A few crashes are shown, with Degchalev launching an attack against another player, but he is taken out by Valdicci. Valdicci then races towards Gally who is standing still on the track, but she quickly turns and attacks, causing the camera to black out. Gally is then shown walking on the track with her helmet off and the crowd cheering. As the camera shifts up her body, she turns around and the camera pans back to show the circuit, Scrap Iron City, Zalem, and the starry sky. Credits then roll.

Manga references[]

Gally - motorball CGI

Gally racing

  • Gally slicing the drop of water occurred prior to her challenge race against Jashugan. By this time the pair of Damascus Blades that she had used had been reforged into a single blade.
  • The matchup against Togo occurred in Gally's fifth Third League race.
  • In Gally's fourth Third League race, she was matched up against Valdicci at the finish line, defeating him to take the race by walking across it with the motorball. Here however Valdicci is not the ballkeeper and Gally walks along the track without the motorball, although the screen blanking out after Valdicci is struck is similar.

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