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Guntroll group shot
The Guntroll team assembled with caregiver Saya before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.
Origin Various
Affiliations Mars Kingdom Parliament
Type Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament team
Leader Qu Tsang
Notable members Caerula Sanguis
Debut Phase 26

The Guntroll (ガントロール Gantorōru?) was a team led by Qu Tsang that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). Placed within Block A, they entered the tournament to gain protection status for the children under the care of the Stellar Nursery Society. Many of the caregivers within the Society signed on and participated in the tournament.


One month before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Stellar Nursery Society was lured out and attacked by the Jupiter System Union. Although many of the children under the care of the SNS were saved due to the efforts of one of the railmen under their employment, Laib, their home was destroyed and Laib was killed in the resulting explosion. The SNS fled to the asteroid nations nearby and were unsuccessful in seeking asylum. They decided to enroll within the upcoming Z.O.T.T to try and win, hoping to earn the children a new home and province to call their own if they succeed.[1]

By sheer coincidence, the day before the start of the tournament, the assembled team (known as The Guntroll) would meet their opponents during the first round: the Space Angels, led by the cyborg Alita. [2]

Tenth Zenith of Thing Tournament[]

Round 1: The Space Angels[]

The SNS vanguard of Getz and Koen enter first for the Guntroll, starting the match against the cyborgs Sechs, Elf and Zwölf of the Space Angels. Getz expressed some disappointment against fighting them, but still launched an attack that caught the three by surprise. Burrowing under ground, Getz changed directions and attacked from below, tearing up the column they were standing on; realizing they are smaller targets than anticipated, Getz brings out his sword named Dizaster and launches a charged attack at them. He offers to spare the three if they surrender; Sechs refuses and coordinates an attack with Elf and Zwölf. Seeing a section of the torn column approaching him, Getz slices it apart but is caught by surprise when Elf and Zwölf appear on either side of the column. Realizing that Koen was protecting Getz's back, the bunnies incapacitate him while Sechs charges Getz with the Titan Blade; Getz tries to maneuver around but is too late; Sechs uses the Titan Blade to impale Koen and then uses the momentum to stab Getz in the back. The fallen vanguard comment how Sechs is a peculiar individual and questions if he is capable of finding all the answers to the mysteries he is faced with.[3] Seeing Getz and Koen defeated, both Qu Tsang and Niz prepare to enter as the next combatants for Guntroll. They distract Sechs in order for Getz and Koen to be retrieved and sent back to the Guntroll platform.

Niz goes to continue fighting Sechs while Qu Tsang engage Elf and Zwölf; Qu Tsang is able to swiftly disable both Elf and Zwölf by slamming them together using the scarf they tried binding her with. As Qu Tsang laughs in triumph, she calls out to Alita to come out and fight. Meanwhile, Niz is able to hold his own against Sechs but gradually is able to overpower him. Niz is able to use mooring cables to bind Sechs and suplexes him into the ground, causing the latter to briefly lose consciousness. Despite this, Sechs recovers and knocks out Niz from the competition by using the Solenoid Quench Gun to blow apart Niz's arms and shoots through his chest. Almost immediately, Qu Tsang gets him out and toys with Sechs before disabling him by striking several pressure points all over his body. This causes Sechs' body to eventually give out and eliminates him from the round. As the smoke clears, Alita emerges and quickly immobilizes Qu Tsang by punching through her chest and severing her legs.

Upon Qu Tsang getting airlifted back to the Guntroll platform, Caerula Sanguis arrives as the final competitor; she is able to catch Alita off-guard and seemingly kills her by partial decapitation; however, Alita managed to stop herself and ended up only having her will sliced, fooling Caerula and the audience. The two recognize each other as having fought prior in Alita's past before she ended up within the Scrapyard underneath Tiphares; after another long struggle, Alita stabs Caerula with the Damascus Blade; the latter tells Alita that she had a vision of her future and that it was worth sparing her life; she covertly hands over an earring containing the Fata Morgana that will help her and Ping's mission. Caerula then pulls out the Damascus Blade and falls to the ground, giving the Space Angels the win and eliminating the Guntroll from the Z.O.T.T.


Name Role Status
Caerula Sanguis Head of the Stellar Nursery Society. Type-V mutant with vampiric characteristics and skilled martial artist. Emerged as the final competitor of the Guntroll. Alive
Getz Bodyguard of the Stellar Nursery Society and skilled in fighting against space warships. Deceased
Koen Robotic partner and associate of Getz. Deceased
Niz Railman and teacher of the Stellar Nursery Society. Has increased agility and an expert in countering attacks, capable of throwing supersonic punches. Alive.
Qu Tsang Captain of the SNS Guntroll and leader of the Guntroll. Teacher and caregiver of the Stellar Nursery Society. Skilled in the fighting style Ahat Mastade and using mono-molecular wire. Alive


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