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High Order
BAALO10 82 High Order
High Order troops about to attack Ping Wu in Phase 58
English name High Order
Affiliations LADDER
New Order
Type Military elite
Notable members Tzykrow
Debut Phase 37

High Order (ハイオーダー Hai Oda?) is LADDER's squad of elite troops under the command of Aga Mbadi.

Tzykrow, one of the survivors of the fall of Grünthal, was a major in High Order and was responsible for guarding physical access to Melchizedek, reporting directly to Mbadi.[1]


During Round 2 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, Alita encountered three High Order soldiers when she tried to access Melchizedek directly via the same route she had taken 200 years before when she had carried out Operation Maulwurf. She disabled two who tried to grab her, but the third was able to hit the override switch on her EVA suit. This turned out to be her former mentor in the Kammer Gruppe, Tzykrow. After helping her remember her past, the two got into a fight in which Alita nearly killed Tyzkrow, but he managed to escape using his Seinerweisen.

Mbadi later sent three High Order troops to finish off Ping Wu after defeating him in cyberspace and determining his physical location. Ping had hacked into Melchizedek in support of Alita and was able to stall Mbadi. The troops were able to shoot Ping and inflict critical injuries before being quickly dispatched by Elf and Zwölf. Sechs then took their bodies as evidence with which to directly confront Mbadi, but he denied any connection to the attackers.[2] Zekka's timely arrival however, provided enough of a distraction to prevent the matter from going further.


High Order's armoured spacesuits look similar to New Order's and may also be capable of optical, electromagnetic, and infrared stealth. The three soldiers who attacked Ping were equipped with silenced submachine guns.