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HSA bullet
BAA06 137 HSA bullet
A cross section diagram of an HSA bullet in Battle 33
Japanese name H・S・A 弾
Romanized name HSA dan
English name HSA bullet
Type Ammunition
Creator Barjack
Users Barjack
Debut Mentioned in Battle 33

An HSA bullet, also referred to as an HSA shell, is a type of armour-piercing ammunition that was used by the Barjack during the Barjack War.


Developed using ancient technology, the tip of an HSA bullet is packed with small needles of a special alloy. These needles shoot out when the bullet impacts and pierces a target, giving it high stopping power.[1] The bullets had the capability to punch through an armoured target at range, something that the Factory HV bullets lacked.


When Alita fired her TUNED pistol at Colonel Bozzle, the bullet pierced his titanium-coated hand and destroyed his secondary long distance optics head, leading him to remark that the closest type of ammunition that could do this sort of damage was HSA shells.


The HSA bullet is based on the 9x19 Cobra HSA ("High Safety Ammunition") pistol round.


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