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BAA03 173 Halberd
Halberd in Battle 17
Japanese name ハルベルト
Romanized name Haruberuto
English name Halberd
Status Deceased
Number 9
League Second
Fighting style Tae Kwon Do
Debut Battle 17

Halberd was a Second League motorball player who was one of Ajakutty’s three disciples alongside Bargerald and Skaramasakus. His martial art was Tae Kwon Do.


Halberd's bipedal motorball body was light-coloured. He had a large mono-eye, a large spiked fin running along the back of his head, and a narrow shield built into each forearm.


There was a high degree of mutual respect and cooperation between Ajakutty and among his disciples. The four attempted to support each other as much as possible during Alita’s Second League debut race, as Halberd and Bargerald both cheered Skaramasakus on after he secured the motorball. Together they took out various opponents before jointly attacking Armblessed. After Halberd fell to him, Bargerald tried to avenge his fellow disciple, but to no avail.


Halberd's fighting style was Tae Kwon Do and like his master, he focused on kicks.

  • Crescent Moon Kick: Halberd would sweep his leg in towards the inside of his body to execute what appeared to be the inner Crescent Kick.


BAA04 41 Death of Halberd

Halberd's death in Battle 18.

Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan. Halberd supported Bargerald when he questioned their master's deference to Alita, but the trio were quieted when an impromptu fight between Alita and Bargerald ended in an apparent draw.

During the race, Halberd took out Valdicci.[1] He and Bargerald together launched an attack on Armblessed, who proved more than a match for them. Halberd fell victim to Armblessed’s Nutcracker attack, which sliced the top of his head open and exposed his brain. Unable to see or brake, Halberd's body fell to the track. This jarred his brain loose and it dissolved when it hit the track.



  1. Battle 18 - Halberd takes out Valdicci with the Crescent Moon Kick.

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