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Harry (ハリー Harī?) was a Tipharean teenager who was a member of the group of young adults and children led by Jim Roscoe following Desty Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips in ES 591. He did not survive the civil war that engulfed Tiphares.


Harry was a young man with fair, shoulder-length hair. He wore a cap, light-coloured sweater, jeans, and sneakers.


Tiphares Arc[]

When Jim Roscoe led an attempt to break into the Medical Inspection Bureau Core, Harry accompanied the group and was placed on guard duty outside with another teenager. After his companion was killed by a group of adults led by Jim's C.C.M., Casey Roscoe, Harry was captured. He was taken by the adults when they confronted Jim and his group. Casey killed him as an example by breaking his neck, then threw his body off a ledge with one arm before the two groups clashed.

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